Your Custom CEU: A No-Hassle Offer

A certified CEU is essentially be a "generic" presentation on the properties of and applications for your materials, focusing on the details important to designers as they specify them (finished components, not the different ingredients from which they’re made). 

Your specific company or product information is delivered at the end of the certified generic content.

1,001 Household Uses!

Once created, certified CEU content can be repurposed for many additional uses:

  • Advertorials/testimonials for magazine or online marketing
  • Sales brochures
  • Sales and distributor training

Created Specifically to Meet Designers’ Needs

For decorative surface suppliers, this content would include:

  • A section on the positive properties of composite wood panels, since this is the substrate most materials use.
    • There's a lot to say about panels - Better than carbon neutral! Dimensional stability! Efficient use of wood fiber! Cost-effective, responsible substrates!
  • Plenty of info on the advantages of your surfaces - durability, cleanability, impact resistance
  • How surface and texture are created specifically for your surfaces
  • Matching materials overview - value engineering made possible by formalized design matching programs
  • Examples of your materials in use
    • Designer testimonials and images, where possible
    • Showroom or sample panels, professionally photographed

A Turnkey, No-Hassle Process

Here's how we'd create your certified CEU article and/or presentation: 

  • I'd interview you to see what kinds of questions you normally get from designers, and to determine the scope, focus and goals of the CEU
  • I would also guide the interview toward my experience related to how designers work
  • I'd gather all your technical info for background
  • You would provide, if possible, a short list of A&D clients that I would contact for case-study testimonial interviews
    • Case studies of peer specifications are critical in convincing designers to try an unfamiliar material
    • These testimonials should, if possible, focus on new or emerging markets for your products
  • Material Intelligence will write the story and presentation script, create the required test (for the article), and create a presentation slideshow
  • If you want a web feature or handout of the article, we would lay that out for you
  • I would oversee the approvals for both the article and presentation (approvals are good for two years)
  • At least two people from your company would be certified as presenters under Material Intelligence's approved CEU provider status

This entire process normally takes about 8 weeks (including a 4-week approval turnaround).

Once approved, you’re ready to set up presentations and lunch-and-learns, and start selling your materials to designer on their turf, on their terms!