Materials Playground Inspires at NeoCon

Over 2,000 specifiers, students, educators and other design professionals visited the Materials Pavilion at NeoCon 2016, organized by Interiors + Sources Magazine and Material Intelligence. 

Always an island of inspiration, the Pavilion was once again one of the busiest destinations at the fair. 

This year visitors emphasized that they liked the low-key approach to displaying dozens of the latest material samples, as well as having materials experts on hand to answer in-depth questions about material makeup, application recommendations and performance. 

We thank the organizers of NeoCon for once again making the Pavilion possible.

Each of the sponsored exhibits is profiled below, along with links for more information and samples. 



Aquafil ECONYL

Conceptualized and brought to market by the Aquafil Group, ECONYL is a global manufacturer

of regenerated Nylon 6 products for the BCF (carpet flooring) and NTF (apparel) sectors. With its commitment to quality and innovation, ECONYL is quickly becoming one of the most recognized sustainable Polyamide 6 products on the market.

The 100% regenerated nylon is produced from pre- and post-consumer waste from around the world and offers the purity and performance characteristics equal to virgin quality products. ECONYL fibers are manufactured in a closed-loop production cycle to deliver 100% sustainable products.

Known for its commitment to sustainability, Aquafil is a global leader in the production of Nylon 6 polymers and fibers that is based in Arco, Italy. Since 1969, the Group has produced Polyamide 6 BCF and NTF yarns for a multitude of industries. |

(678) 605-8100 


Prism TFL from Arauco

Prism is a colorful thermally fused laminate brand that has real character with a designer-friendly focus. Our spectrum of styles and textures will open your eyes to a bright new world of laminates! Authentic to the touch, with the benefits of value and durability, we’re a smart surface that you can love.

Our Exclusive Collection, targeting commercial and residential applications, consists of woodgrains, abstracts & specialty solid designs available only from Prism. All of our designs are available in nine different textures across North America. We also offer an extensive Symmetry Program to make sure that you have what you need to get the job done. |

(872) 227-1796 


Architectural Systems

Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI) is a leading international distributor of distinctive, sustainable and award-winning interior finishes in five branded categories: ASI Wood Panels, ASI Flooring, ASI Decorative Surfaces, ASI Specialty Products and ASI Display & Furniture.

Celebrating over 25 years of Creativity and Collaboration, the company’s products are confidently specified by the foremost architecture and design firms and installed globally in hospitality, retail, corporate, education, healthcare and institutional projects.  

Follow us on Instagram and twitter: @archsystems

(800) 793-0224 


BTD Powder Coated Wood

BTD’s powder coated wood components are suitable for many applications—millwork, desk tops/ work surfaces, office storage cabinets, office & home furniture, educational & healthcare furniture, table tops, and more!

Our t.fusionTM finish creates a tough even coating with no seams that is durable and resistant to moisture, chips, stains and scratches. Avoid drawbacks associated with edge-banded or heat-formed products!

Available in 5 finishes- ultra.smooth, smooth plus, smooth, fine texture, texture

Unlimited colors—PMS/RAL matches, metallic, clear

Matte to high gloss finishes


In-house CNC machining for precise cutting

Produced to highest level of quality control

Large tooling library: bull nose, knife edge, and more. Ask us about custom tooling!

Flexibility to shape and contour parts to meet your design needs

Environmentally friendly

Free of HAPs, VOCs, PVCs

CARB Phase II compliant MDF

NAF/NAUF and FSC Certified available by request!

(612) 990-3388 


CCI - Color Communications Int'l.




Dreamwalls Glass Markerboards

Dreamwalls® Glass Markerboards provides all the solutions to make the “write” choice. With sizes available up to 12 feet, custom color matching, glossy and matte options, custom printing, and all the accessories and hanging hardware; Dreamwalls® is the only name you need to know in glass markerboards. As the company behind Dreamwalls® Glass Markerboards, Gardner Glass Products, has been fabricating glass for a variety of interior uses since 1962. Based in North Carolina with distribution in Texas and Indiana, we ship glass and mirror all over the world every day.

Winner of the Best of NeoCon Gold Award in 2009 in the Surfacing Materials category, Dreamwalls® Glass is the exclusive provider of ProSuede© dry erasable glass for glare reduction and improved scratch resistance.

Dreamwalls® Glass Markerboards are perfect for use in corporate, healthcare and educational interiors.

(336) 575-2779 



Ultra 3D Lam from Envirawood

Ultra 3D Lam is the latest evolution in surface laminates. It simplifies material selection by covering everything from flat panels to miter fold applications, 2D wrapped mouldings and 3D components.

Our multi-layer manufacturing process thermally fuses an image between crystal clear sheets adding permanent protection while enhancing the colors and patterns. Developed for the harsh marine industry, the outer layer has a proprietary coating offering incredible chemical and scratch resistance, significant UV protection, and years of care free maintenance.

Choose from dozens of realistic wood grain images, abstract patterns, faux stones and any solid color or solid metallic color in both satin and our world class high gloss. Customize your projects by incorporating logos, graphic artwork, and even backlighting effects. This innovative product is manufactured by Envirawood and is proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Visit and see how eliminating material and design restrictions offers you Infinite Surface Solutions!

(954) 428-4951 



Kirei EchoPanel Acoustic Panels

Since 2003, Kirei has been dedicated to providing elegantly innovative and sustainable design materials to help interior designers and architects create functionally beautiful interior spaces. In tandem with providing aesthetically pleasing products, Kirei also keeps the environment in mind by using reclaimed and recycled materials in order to be as sustainable as possible.

EchoPanel Acoustic Panels, Tiles and Systems help shape the sound of your space while adding dynamic visual design. Ranging from simple yet sophisticated wall panels to creatively crafted baffle systems and geometric tiles, the EchoPanel Acoustic materials bring personal space back into this new age of open offices and minimalistic environments.

(619) 236-9924 


Lamin-Art Metal-Art

Lamin-Art has supplied the commercial interior design and architectural professions with an exceptional selection of innovative design-statement laminates for more than 50 years. Our philosophy is to research, develop and market innovative decorative surfacing materials that add value to your projects.

Metal-Art is a collection that needed its own “-art” name, because this product is stretching the concept of what we know high-pressure laminate to be. This product uses aluminum as the decorative surface to bring the beauty of metal to more applications. As a supplier for high-end commercial designs, we have brought dynamic textures and patterns to metals that will resound in contexts where design boundaries are being pushed.

The Metal-Art Impressions collection launched on February 29th, 2016. This new collection completely redefines the concept of metal. From the colors to the textures to the finish, which brings to the forefront that we accomplished our goal of Redefining Metal.

(847) 909-0664 


Lamitech HPL

Three significant trends define our New 2016 Collection:

ORGANIC SIMPLICITY: Spaces with an unfinished look. Beech, maples, chestnuts and butcher blocks are predominant. Accents in tranquil interiors and wooden compositions on walls or tables give a warm touch.

BOHEMIAN FOLK: characterized by Furniture and floors in native woods that remind past epoques. Chestnut woods, contrasts with reds, purples and blues from warm authentic textiles. Hydraulic tiles on floors or walls recall different cultures and create personal environments fulfilled of unique pieces.

URBAN GENT: a strong sober, essentially masculine trend. This new black also has a pleasant feel, with high gloss surfaces showing accents in stones, warm metals or polished marbles. Walnuts in rich browns, elms and beeches, along with warm metals create casual-sober environments.

(305) 798-8587 


Lamitech REALaminat HPL

Rethinking the concept of perfection, with the help of new pressing technology, Lamitech redefines HPL presenting a new embossed in-register laminate with enhanced haptics in the benefit of a more natural look and feel, for stunning marbles, stones and woodgrains.

A spectacular re-conception of nature in HPL with a dramatic level of realism to both sight and touch. Introducing REALaminat HPL from Lamitech, an exclusive embossed in-register collection with 3 different woodgrain designs in 3 color options each and one big scale granite available in 2 color options.

Xtreme matte Worktop (WT): A super matte finish, with tactile smoothness and high scratch resistance. It is easy to clean and exhibits anti-fingerprint qualities.

Magnetic Board Produced for both Dry-Erase Markerboard or Chalkboard, ensuring magnetic objects will hold strongly to the laminate surface.

EX2 Compact: A thick solid HPL, ideal for exterior horizontal application. Due to its composition and physical properties, it offers protection against UV radiation form sunlight.

Spectrum and Criss Cross: Contemporary patterns in our digital print.

ULTRA PORE: A deep and super matte pore finish that intensifies timber’s structure and design, highlighting the veins and allowing an ultra natural effect.

Painted Wood: A very deep and tactile finish that allows you to imprint the knots and the cathedrals of natural wood, giving a strong character.

Split: This finish reproduces a chiseled effect, giving dimension and a natural rustic look to woodgrains.

(305) 798-8587 


Materials Inc. Designer Solutions

Materials Inc. is proud to continue our creative commitment to the design community through our unique products. We provide items from around the world that strive to compliment, inspire & evolve any project.

From woven metals & concrete panels to a highly qualified sales & customer service team our reputation proves we are the one place to find it all. If you are in need of a “designer” solution,

(201) 968-0101 


Móz Decorative Metals

Móz collection of unique materials, including gradients, metallic and neutrals are the result of continuous experimentation with new tools and techniques. Not only is Móz known for its beautiful finishes, but for their ability to fabricate metals. Móz utilizes various gauges of metals to best suit each application.

 Móz Metals and Architectural Products designs and fabricates contemporary metal surfaces in Oakland, CA. Móz craftsmen delicately balance texture, grain and color to create unique architectural metals for projects of all sizes—from large-scale technical projects to small installations. Móz products, capabilities and dedication to customer service help clients achieve their design intent on time and on budget.

 (510) 632-0853 


Neucor Lightweight Panels

Neucor currently manufacturers unique robust, 3-dimensional, lightweight engineered mdf cores for store fixtures, contract and residential furniture, walls and partitions, ceiling panels, acoustical panels and cabinetry.

When laminated between 3mm mdf substrates, strong, rigid paneling is produced from 3⁄4” to 21⁄4” thick.

Neucor™ cores create panels that are lighter than traditional solid products with similar performance, moderate cost and excellent environmental attributes. Order samples and cores on our web site.

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OMNOVA 3D Laminates

OMNOVA’s 3D Laminates, including surf(x)® 3D Laminates can set your products apart with realistic woodgrains and on-trend designs, creative shapes and seamless profiles. Eliminate edgebanding and visible seams while reducing manufacturing complexity and

end-user maintenance. Surfaces manufactured with surf(x) have clean, modern aesthetics and are more durable than traditional HPL and have been engineered to meet the most stringent performance requirements of hospital and contract settings.

OMNOVA is excited to announce the introduction of Insights, our visual translation of emerging design trends with an intimate view of next generation surfaces. Rooted in research and curated with character, this annual publication highlights key color and finish trends. The first edition, Modern Authentic, includes four design narratives with over thirty new laminate offerings. Order your personal copy at

Lead with Design. Lead with OMNOVA.


(866) 332-5226 


Organoid Natural Surfaces

Organoid Technologies—Binders for Organic Mouldings Natural wood-based material for panels, moulding and various other design work. The standard Organoid material uses particles of spruce wood and integrates bark chips. Many other materials can also be used, from agave to coconut and barley to hemp. The composite uses a natural binder too, ensuring a material that is completely biodegradable. 


Panolite Lightweight Panels

Panolite is a lightweight composite panel made of two surface board layers and a honeycomb core, combining low weight and high strength—two seemingly contradictory properties that are difficult to find combined in other materials.

Made of recycled natural materials and FSC certified, Panolite not only offers a very high technical performance; it is also an eco-responsible and sustainable panel.

Panolite lightweight panels can be used in a wide variety of commercial, institutional, architectural and residential applications where low weight, high strength and thickness are required: Store fixtures, suspended and wall panels, displays and signage, hospitality furniture, office furniture, residential furniture, doors, dividers, cabinetry and shelving.

(514) 946-2803


RIKEN 3D Laminates

RIKEN USA has been providing the best quality 3D Laminates and Window films in North American and Latin markets for over 15 years. Our consistent quality in both products and services have helped our business grow in various industries. We continue to support the current needs in the design communities as well as to explore new opportunities with innovative ideas and leading technologies.

The 3D Laminates are designed for use with membrane and vacuum presses. We collaborate with highly skilled fabricators who are generating creative solutions for seamless edge, contoured profiles, and many more application techniques. The 3D laminates can substitute for those exotic or real wood species if you are searching for environmentally friendly materials. Riken’s products are known for its high performance with realistic appearance and texture.

Available in solid, abstract, woodgrain, and granite/marble patterns, with the following finishes:


Contact for sample request, technical information:

(248) 513-3511

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Roseburg: From Managed Forests to Decorative TFL and Veneered Panels

Roseburg manages over 630,000 square acres of forestlands, 173,000 acres of which are FSC® certified, and plants over 5 million new trees each year.

The company produces a full range of composite panels—particleboard, MDF, plywood, and other substrates—from wood fiber left over from other processes that would otherwise be landfilled or burned. Particleboard alone makes use of over 150,000 tons or waste wood each year.

Roseburg’s hardwood veneer panels offer designers the look of beautiful solid woods, but use only a fraction of the tree. The company’s Duramine decorative TFL panels use realistic digital images on very durable surfaces over a composite core. Both can be found in retail, hospitality, healthcare, office and other commercial design markets.


SESA Laminate Textures

SESA over the last 66 years gained a prominent position on the international market becoming the leadership in the manufacturing of press moulds for HPL and LPL application. The range of products includes classic finishes as well as a wide range of E.i.R. Embossed In register finishes. The innovative E.I.R. technology shows a highly precise match between printed decorative paper and plate structure and, today, it is applied also to the production of MFC for furniture./ Thanks to the very powerful graphic division, equipped with cutting edge technology, SESA recently developed a new revolutionary concept of finishes able to answer to customer’s request for renovation of classic finishes and also for natural, low matt structures.  

The new category is called ONE and is easily recognizable by its peculiar dark-black gloss, which provides a 3D effect enhancing the visibility of shallower pores, the natural look of the finish and décor paper, too.


Embossed-in-Register TFL from StevensWood

First in the United States to offer dual-sided synchronization, the Legno Collection from StevensWood takes embossed in registration texture to new dimensions. Unique in the market, materials precisely register texture to woodgrain enabling furniture and wall-panel applications to employ dual-sided, harmonized texture.

Legno encompasses two species. Graceful Tokaj Alder offers swooping cathedrals and rustic, yet clean appeal. Walnut Tiepolo is modern, linear grain with softened aesthetic. Both empower designers to create spaces alive with vibrant wood tones and custom elegance. Eighteen rich hues available, ranging from the rugged warmth of dark chocolate Vina, to crisp, pale tones of Siberian. Enhancing the offering is availability of matched edgebanding, high-impact surfacing, mouldings and doors.

Inspired by European designs, this advanced approach is the luxurious product for which architects and designers have been searching. Legno is ideal for wall-panel systems, office furniture, retail fixtures, millwork and casework. Standard 100-percent recycled core material.  

Stevens Industries, Inc., providing high-quality manufacturing since 1956.

GREENGUARD Gold certified.

(217) 857-7100 


Andre Kikoski Collection from Wilsonart

Combining the keen eye of architecture with digital innovation, award-winning architect Andre Kikoski, AIA, launches a new collection of laminate surfaces.  

By manipulating scale, texture, contrast, inversion and color, the Andre Kikoski by Wilsonart collection creates dramatic new interpretations of timeless architectural finishes through the innovative Virtual Design Library, challenging understanding of what laminate can look like and what it can offer in 35 new distinctive designs.

Learn more about our collaborators in our Featured Artists section online.

For more information, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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