2015 NeoCon Materials Pavilion Raises the Bar

The 2015 edition of the Materials Pavilion at NeoCon – organized by Interiors & Sources magazine and Material Intelligence, was the most acclaimed event to date.

Dozens of materials, a presentation theater, and material experts drew over 1,900 visitors to the Pavilion this year, making it once again one of the busiest spots at the show.

Below you’ll find an overview of the materials shown, and links to the suppliers’ web sites for more information. 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. 

Altro Aquarius Slip resistant safety flooring

Take away the uncertainty when designing for wet environments with Altro Aquarius 2mm resilient sheet vinyl safety flooring. Wet or dry, barefoot or shoed, Altro Aquarius excels. The 24 color range, from whites and grays to orange and purple, gives you versatility in your design options. Provide patrons underfoot safety and yourself peace of mind with this award-winning safety floor.



Architectural Systems, Inc.

Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI), is a leading global distributor of distinctive and affordable interior finishes, celebrating over 25 years of Creativity and CollaborationSM!  Since its founding, ASI has been known for its innovative products and fresh thinking for commercial interiors.

Clients return again and again for ASI’s expertise, commitment to service, project solutions and collective eye for WHAT’S NEXT® in materials - with the added ease of finding it all in one place.

ASI presents the latest innovations in Interior Finishes, including new collections in ASI Wood Panels, ASI Decorative Surfaces, and ASI Specialty Products.



Arpa USA

Arpa USA is proud to share its newest addition to the world of interior design.  FENIX NTM has already won countless awards including “Best New Product” at Dwell 2014 and most recently “Best of the Best” at Interzum 2015.  It combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance. It is produced using next-generation resins developed thanks to the research conducted by ArpaLab and with the help of nanotechnologies which provide this new material with novel properties, opening up new avenues in decorative surfacing.  FENIX thermally heals any micro-scratches, is highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, rubbing and dry heat. It also withstands impacts, acid-based solvents and household reagents. It significantly reduces bacterial loads making its surface hygienic and easy to clean.  Touch and see the difference of FENIX NTM.



Artistic Tile

Artistic Tile is one of the most respected wholesale distributors of luxury tile and stone in the U.S. and offers an award winning suite of unique products to architects, designers and homeowners.  Artistic Tile’s proprietary designs are featured in high profile commercial projects worldwide.  Artistic Tile’s full service commercial operation provides quotation, design drawings, shop tickets, installation consultations and custom mosaic and waterjet production. The company is a family-run business headquartered in Secaucus, NJ.  Artistic Tile brand products, including Waterfall Bathroom Furniture, are distributed through Artistic Tile showrooms as well as through a network of more than 200 dealers across the United States. 




The gecko logo symbolizes Bostik’s smart adhesive solutions that are flexible, efficient and adaptive. Bostik, is an innovative company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, who pioneered pre-mixed urethane grout technology.

Creative Edge Master Shop designs and fabricates a variety of architectural and industrial products using its high technology computer-controlled water jet cutting process. Creative Edge Master Shop is a pioneer and leader in this industry with a national reputation.

When the two companies combine their pioneering technologies amazing things happen. This mural was grouted with Bostik Dimension® RapidCure™, a high performance, pre-mixed, urethane grout technology that contains 60% recycled glass content and translucent urethane binder that both reflect light as well as allow it to pass through. This creates a variety of aesthetic effects in virtually all tile options available today and an unlimited possibilities for the Architectural and Designer community.



BTD Wood Powder Coating

We provide powder coated wood components suitable for many applications- desk tops/work surfaces, storage cabinets, dry erase boards/furniture, table tops, educational & healthcare furniture,etc. 

t.fusion™finish creates a tough even coating with no seams that is durable to moisture, chips, stains and scratches.  Specify a seamless finish that avoids delamination and chipping drawbacks associated with edge-banded or heat-formed products.

  • Available in 5 finishes and unlimited colors
    • Solid PMS/RAL matches, metallic, clear
    • Matte – high gloss
    • Antimicrobial additive
  • Highest level of quality control
  • In-house CNC machining
  • Design shapes and contours in your parts
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Free of HAPs, VOCs, PVCs
    • MDF is CARB Phase II compliant
    • NAF/NAUF and FSC Certified available by request
  • Large tooling library: bull nose, knife and more. Ask us about custom tooling!



Carnegie Xorel

Carnegie’s Xorel is a textile solution combining beauty, performance and sustainability thereby earning the trust and praise of architects, designers and building owners since 1981.

Equally suited as a wallcovering, upholstery or panel material it is easy to maintain, remarkably durable and colorfast.  It is the most thoroughly tested interior textile on the market, earning Cradle to Cradle Certification at both the Silver and Gold level.

In 2013 Carnegie introduced a Biobased version of Xorel earning it numerous design and environmental awards.  Derived from sugar cane instead of fossil fuels, it is a breakthrough product that offers the same performance and aesthetics that the Xorel brand has become renowned for.



Crossville, Inc.

Crossville, Inc. is a U.S.-owned and operated maker of porcelain tile collections. Based in Crossville, Tennessee, Crossville was “born green,” manufacturing responsibly since launching in 1986. Since developing a method for recycling fired porcelain in 2009, Crossville has recycled over 55 million pounds of material that would’ve otherwise been landfilled. 100% of Crossville-made tile contains recycled content, and the company is a net consumer of waste. Crossville’s styles are as innovative as its sustainable practices. The brand is renowned for gorgeous collections of tile, natural stone, glass, metals, mosaics, and porcelain tile panels.




Designtex is the leading company in the development, design, and manufacturing of applied materials for the built environment. Designtex is a recognized innovator in the research and development of textiles, wallcoverings, and digitally imaged materials with reduced environmental impact. A Steelcase company, Designtex is headquartered in New York City with over 100 sales offices around the world.



DuPont™ Sorona® Renewably Sourced Fiber

In today’s commercial spaces, beauty alone is not enough.  The durability, stain and bleach resistance of DuPont™ Sorona® is designed to stand up to the high-performance demand of today’s carpet while supporting environmental goals. 

Specifying carpets made with renewably sourced Sorona® can also help earn LEED® points.  Explore new modular carpet styles from Voxflor’s Greenpad Collection or Nissin’s Axtile, as well as broadloom hospitality styles from Artistic, Orient and more.  Come see us in booth 8-4121 for more information.




 The NEXT Colors of DuPont™ Corian® and Zodiaq® 


32 new colors and patterns join an already design-rich array to propel designed environments to the next inspiration.

The NEXT Collectionunites DuPont™Corian®solid surface and Zodiaq®quartz surface in a master offering of color, pattern and design for 2014. Even the most challenging projects can be conquered with the expanded array of colors and designs from Corian®and Zodiaq®. The new colors are combined in three different collections: FILTERED, DEEP and CATALYST.



Envirawood Pre-Finished Veneers

Envirawood pre-finished veneers are available in many exquisite wood grains, abstract patterns, faux stones, solid colors, solid metallic colors and custom printed graphics.

 Our proprietary coating is Class 1/A Fire Rated, Scratch-Resistant, UV Protected, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and provides significant chemical resistance. It can be thermoformed to create mouldings and 3D components and meets requirements for Green Guard and LEED credits.

Envirawood offers Designers Infinite Surface Solutions!



Inpro Corporation

This year at NeoCon, Inpro composed design collection binders representative of different markets. The five industries we’re featuring are: Healthcare, Education, Corporate, Hospitality, Sustainability and the final one showcases our New Products. Visit us to look view all the products we have to offer your industry!




Interlam™ is the innovator and the leading manufacturer of architectural wall panels and components. We design, produce, and market architectural, carved and decorative wall panels that offer a dramatic alternative to traditional flat walls. The Interlam™ advantage is achieved by assembling unrivalled designs, the best materials, and using them in the most innovative ways.



Joel Berman Glass Studios

Joel Berman Glass Studios is an internationally known architectural art glass designer and manufacturer. The studio specializes in providing interior designers and architects with unparalleled custom glass solutions for corporate/commercial, hospitality, healthcare, retail and residential environments.  The application for Joel Berman’s glass is endless. Some of the more prevalent interior and exterior applications include partitions, feature walls, balustrades, stair treads, bridges, doors, sculptures, reception desks, canopies and exterior cladding.



Kirei EchoPanel

Shape the sound of your space with EchoPanel acoustic panels and tiles. Made with up to 60 percent recycled PET plastic bottles, EchoPanel provides visually interesting, environmentally responsible solutions for absorbing noise in commercial and hospitality spaces.

Available in three thicknesses, 14 colors and multiple vivid screen-printed patterns, EchoPanel rigid acoustic panels can be custom cut and printed to form unique sound-absorbing design elements. Mura thermoformed acoustic tiles are three easy-to-install, visually interesting hollow acoustic tiles, and the EchoPanel Geometry tiles are four shapes of peel-and-stick tiles for quick, colorful, sonically quieting designs. Visit kireiusa.com or call (619) 236-9924 to learn more.



Lab Designs Laminates

Lab Designs™ has taken the best patterns available worldwide and combined them with our own fresh new designs, colors and textures to create the first high-end laminate collections without the high-end price. 

We offer 400 patterns, from abstract, wood, and solid color with the same durability and flexibility as other laminates, giving you the opportunity to develop your designs with the very best products, for a great price.



Mermet GreenScreen® Reflect™

One hundred percent PVC-free and made from naturally abundant resources such as glass and aluminum, Mermet’s GreenScreen® Reflect™ meets the performance and material content requirements of today's health and sustainable building initiatives.

GreenScreen Reflect is the next evolution in Mermet's portfolio of environmentally-responsible GreenScreen fabrics. The fiberglass yarn in GreenScreen Reflect provides mechanical resistance and dimensional stability, while its aluminum backing offers enhanced solar protection for heat management, reflecting up to 72 percent of solar radiation. The fabric helps control light and conserve energy, contributing to optimized indoor environmental quality for comfort, health, productivity and sustainability.




Established in 1956, Morbern is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of decorative vinyl upholstery for the contract, health care, hospitality, automotive and marine markets. The vertically integrated, ISO 9001:2008 certified company creates innovative vinyls that meet the challenges of the design and engineering communities, balancing performance, durability and style.

Headquartered in Cornwall, Ontario, with U.S. offices in High Point, North Carolina, it operates nine manufacturing and distribution centers across the continent. For more information, visit



Móz Designs

Móz Designs has 5 collections with over 3,000 possible color and pattern combinations, rated for both interior and exterior. Our palettes range from soft neutrals to rich earth tones, metallic hues and radiant primary colors. In addition to many unique metal collections, we are able to offer custom digital imagery on solid and perforated sheets, for stunning and unique branding opportunities. All selections are also available on our ETA (Easy-to-Assemble) product line that includes ready-to-install column covers, walls, ceilings, fixtures and art.




Neucor™ currently manufacturers unique robust, 3-dimensional, lightweight mdf cores for contract and residential furniture, store fixtures, walls and partitions, ceiling panels, acoustical panels and cabinetry. When laminated between 3mm mdf substrates to create strong, rigid paneling from 3/4” to 3” thick, Neucor™ architectural panels are 40-50% lighter than traditional solid-core products with equivalent product performance, moderate cost and excellent environmental attributes. A 4’x8’ Neucor™ panel weighs less than 48 pounds (< 50% of standard architectural panel weight) and its applications are virtually limitless. Initial shipment of cores on 10/10/15 & panels in November.



OMNOVA Solutions

Need surfaces that deliver both design and performance? OMNOVA Solutions has you covered!

OMNOVA’s 3D Laminates, including surf(x)® 3D Laminates can set your products apart with realistic woodgrains and on-trend designs, creative shapes and seamless profiles. Eliminate edgebanding and visible seams while reducing manufacturing complexity and end-user maintenance. Surfaces manufactured with surf(x) have clean, modern aesthetics and are more durable than traditional HPL.

Coordinating with our laminates, Boltaflex® coated fabrics are engineered to meet the stringent performance requirements of hospital and contract settings.  

OMNOVA’s laminates and coated fabrics can be cleaned/disinfected with many leading healthcare cleaners without damaging the surface.



Panasphere Premium Surfaces

Best in class North American supplier of architecturally inspired TFL composite panels

A North American company with offices in Vancouver and Los Angeles marketing high quality engineered wood thermally fused laminate panels (TFL) for use as architectural elements such as feature walls, as well as primary material for the manufacturing of furniture and cabinets.   The portfolio is available in a variety of styles and thickness completely finished in authentic natural wood grains, stone finishes, and crafted designer patterns. Nationally stocked warehouses insure availability and prompt delivery.  Our diverse selection is beautiful for interior paneling, millwork, cabinet and furniture applications in hospitality, commercial, healthcare, retail and residential environments.

Inspired by nature, driven by design….we are Panasphere Premium Surfaces.



Panolite Lightweight Panels

Panolite is a lightweight composite panel made of two surface board layers and a honeycomb core, combining low weight and high strength – two seemingly contradictory properties that are difficult to find combined in other materials.

Made of recycled natural materials and FSC certified, Panolite not only offers a very high technical performance; it is also an eco-responsible and sustainable panel.

Panolite lightweight panels can be used in a wide variety of commercial, institutional, architectural and residential applications where low weight, high strength and thickness are required: Store fixtures, suspended and wall panels, displays and signage, hospitality furniture, office furniture, residential furniture, doors, dividers, doors, cabinetry and shelving.




Plexwood is an interior design veneer, composed of end grain wood and with the grain veneer, which give the product its clear graphic structure. Plexwood is available in 11 products, used for flooring, walls, furniture, ceilings, staircases, logos, and many other conceptual applications. Plexwood is used in office spaces, retail, education, and health care environments.

Plexwood is made from production-based wood harvested from forests with sustainable management qualifications. In our production, we do not use formaldehyde based glue or VOCs. Panels are available with a substrate of E1 low emission MDF, plywood, fire rated MDF, zero-added formaldehyde MDF, and many more. Variations in thickness and size and are possible.



Raskin Gorilla Floors

The Raskin family has been in flooring for almost a century & specifically in LVT for over 30 years. Raskin Gorilla floors started with a vision to provide flooring that can change one’s perception of vinyl flooring. We do this by creating products with style that you would see in a trendy store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or an elegant restaurant in Chicago, while being strong enough to perform in a demanding healthcare facility. Yes it’s true! High performance floor can be cool, hip & durable.

Everyone asks why the gorilla. Well, the gorilla is tough & durable just like our floors. Also the gorilla is the king of the jungle & stands out. As a company we want to stand out & do things differently & not get bogged down with politics like you have in some companies. We want to be agile & be very selective with our products & ensure the best & latest designs & colors.



Roseburg Duramine 2015 Relevance Design Series

Coming this summer: The latest Roseburg TFL Duramine designs. A contemporary series, proven relevant to today’s design trends.

Southern Cattails #832 has a deep, rich wood tone that blurs the line between domestic and exotic.

Ruby Beach #833 is a complex balance of warm and cool colors that makes it easy to use with a variety of patterns.

Calm Horizon #834 is a rustic, weathered neutral tone with a subtle warmth – like a vintage beach house at sunset.

Sand Shoal #835 is a recon veneer with a striking consistency of pattern that makes it perfect for applications of any size.



SESA Spa. Surface Textures from Milan

Texture is the third dimension to graphic images, adding an aesthetic qualification for reality, decorative superiority or simply visual or tactile comfort in decorative surfaces.

SESA designs textures in collaboration with graphic designers and their customers for furniture, architecture and interior design, then produces the molds used to impart the texture to decorative laminates.

We are committed to introducing the design community to the enormous potential in graphic images combined with 3D textures. This is a new frontier for decorative surfaces in North America, already a reality in many parts of the world.             



Legno Collection by StevensWood

The Legno Collection offers true, realistic wood patterns characteristic of two wood species, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo, to illuminate any design.  Eighteen variations of rich colors and deep grains extend a luxuriously affordable laminate option. 

Designers have the flexibility to create the look and feel from contemporary rustics to sleekly-modern layouts.  Legno is ideal for wall panel systems, office furniture, retail fixtures, kiosks, millwork and casework.  Standard 100% recycled core material.  Stevens Industries, Inc. has been producing high-quality laminated products for more than seven decades.  Proudly made in the U.S.A. 




People. Purpose. Planet. Profit.  The foundations of Tarkett.  We start with people.  We help them achieve their purpose within the limits of the planet. 

We practice – and preach – reuse and recycling.  We help create a circular economy with products on a clearly defined path from cradle back to cradle.  And in the end, we – and our clients – are rewarded with profits. Tarkett is a global leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for flooring and sports surfaces, providing unique flooring experiences every day for over 130 years… in homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, and wherever sports are played.



To Market Rubber Flooring

Introducing Atmosphere® Strata BOX a revolutionary new fusion technology engineered with “higher recycled content” for the ultimate in recycled rubber flooring performance.

After years of research and development, we have discovered a manufacturing process for the most resilient, comfortable, aesthetic pleasing environmental flooring using high color EPDM created into a collection of new colors made into modern stripes, 38”x38”, for use within the following end-use areas:

Retail stores                         Corporate Offices              Educational facilities

Hospitality                            Laboratories                                    Libraries

Museums                              Medical clinics                                 Banks

Pharmacies                          High impact fitness / sports facilities

Assisted Living & Nursing Spas                                       Physiotherapy (25)



Wilsonart Virtual Design Library

For centuries, designers have searched for more design choices – in fabrics, wallcoverings, furnishings, and no less so, in laminates.  

Now Wilsonart has an answer – but it’s not on the wallboard, it’s online. Wilsonart responds to the designer’s cry for more with unlimited new designs in a Virtual Design Library at Wilsonart.com/VDL.  An evolving, curated collection of laminates, VDL designs range from rustic stained woodgrains, whimsical cotton candy clouds, ‘20s-inspired cityscapes, retro boomerangs, colorful daisies, houndstooth and more.