Retail Design Starts with Materials

The GlobalShop 2016 Mateials Pavilion hosted many great conversations and exchanges of ideas. Thanks to all of our high-profile visitors, and to the materials sponsors who made it possible. 

Below please find a rundown of the materials and products shown there, with links to more information. Feel free to contact Material Intelligence with any further questions. 


BTD Wood Powder Coating 


t.fusion™ powder coated wood components from BTD Wood Powder Coating provide the look and feel of painted surfaces at a lower cost and greater durability.  Specify a seamless finish that avoids the delamination and chipping drawbacks associated with edge-banded or heat-formed products.

Custom formulated powders combine design considerations such as color, gloss and texture with durability considerations such as scratch, abrasion, impact, moisture, chemical, stain and microbial resistance.

•        Colors: solid PMS/RAL matches, multicolor, metallic

•        Gloss: matte – high gloss

•        Antimicrobial additive

•        Free of HAPs, VOCs, PVCs

•        MDF is CARB Phase II compliant.

•        NAF/NAUF and FSC Certified available by request


Clad Rex Laminated Metal Sheets

Clad Rex manufactures decorative vinyl laminated metal sheets for durable retail displays and fixtures. 

  • Woodgrains, leathers, stones, metals, geometrics, and colors. 
  • Embossed with a variety of patterns for a deep textured effect.
  • Fabricated into nearly any configuration for endless design possibilities.











Ultra 3D Lam from Envirawood

Ultra 3D Lam  is the latest evolution in 2D and 3D surface laminates allowing designers and fabricators to cover nearly every interior surface, from flat applications to more demanding applications like miter folds, 2D wrapped mouldings and complex 3D components.

A unique multi-layer manufacturing process thermally fuses the design image between crystal clear sheets adding permanent protection while enhancing the colors and patterns. Developed for the harsh marine industry, the outer layer has enhanced chemical and scratch resistance as well as UV protection for years of carefree maintenance.


KML Designer Finishes in TFL

Textured thermally fused laminate panels for furniture and interiors from KML offer the natural look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost. And, because our panels are made with 100% recovered wood materials, you’re helping preserve habitats for our wild friends. 

Choose from over 900 designs from the industry’s top suppliers. Select from several finish textures – Edgewood, Linen, Diamond, Bistro, Smooth, Classic and the new, very realistic Allusion.

KML is proud to be certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) committed to preserving a healthy environment. Many of our products contribute to  LEED project points. Contact us for samples.


Decorative Metals from Móz

Móz Designs is a premier provider of unique metal surfaces, systems, and solutions for the architectural and design communities. We specialize in fabricating with aluminum to create unique and visually-dynamic architectural products that contribute to LEED points. All products are designed, sourced and made in the USA.

Our products include decorative metal sheets as well as pre-formed products such as column covers, dimensional walls, ceilings, fixtures and art. We offer hundreds of grain and color combinations in both indoor and outdoor finish options.

Learn more about our color collections and products at:


Neucor Lightweight Panels

Neucor™ manufactures uniquely robust, 3-dimensional, lightweight MDF cores for store fixtures, contract and residential furniture, walls and partitions, ceiling panels, acoustical panels and cabinetry.

When sandwiched between 3mm MDF substrates it creates strong, rigid paneling from ¾  to 2 ¼ in. thick. Neucor™ architectural panels are lighter than traditional solid products with equivalent product performance, moderate cost and excellent environmental attributes.





RENOLIT 3D Laminates

RENOLIT proprietary 3D Laminates are rigid vinyl film composites intended to overcome the performance, cost, and aesthetic limitations associated with high-pressure laminates (HPLs), solid surfacing, stone, metal, paint and other materials.













Roseburg – From Managed Forests to Decorative TFL and Veneered Panels

Roseburg manages over 630,000 square acres of forestlands, 173,000 acres of which are FSC® certified, and plants over 5 million new trees each year.

The company also produces its own particleboard, MDF, plywood, and other substrates that make use of wood fiber that would otherwise be landfilled or burned.

Roseburg also offers a range of hardwood veneered and TFL decorative panels, found in retail, hospitality, healthcare, office and other commercial design markets.




SSI North America 3D Laminates

SSI North America is a distributor of high quality 3D laminates, acrylic sheets for decorative surfaces. Pentadecor® 3D laminates are available in various gauges for most interior vertical applications.

Select from vivid solids and life-like wood grains with a range of surface embossing including, deep grain structure, wood ticking, soft satin, and high gloss. Pentadecor® 3D laminates create beautiful shapes, functional pieces of furniture. Pentadecor 3DL is available with antimicrobial surface coating and can withstand numerous medical reagents commonly used in clinics and hospitals.  

StyleLite® is a high gloss acrylic sheet that is 100 PVC free with incredibly vibrant solid colors. Perfect for flat panel wall and cabinetry applications.


Radiance 2D PET – High-Gloss Surfaces

Radiance 2D PET High Gloss Laminate is an economical high-gloss material with fantastic depth of color and a mirror like finish. Designed for flat lamination, profile wrapping and miter folding.

It is ideally suited for kitchen cabinet, store fixture, and architectural millwork applications. Made from the highest quality raw materials. Free of plasticizers and phthalates. Radiance 2D PET High Gloss Laminate features integral color, high impact resistance and excellent UV stability.