Süddekor's Décors for our Stop & Go World

Süddekor LLC is one of the world's leading suppliers of designs and decors for furniture and interiors. Their dramatic launch at Interzum 2011 is resonating through the design world.

Between optimism and fear of the future, we are trying to get a handle on our technical, consumption-controlled world. A world at risk of losing its balance.

In addition to technical progress, which is becoming increasingly fast and unstoppable in our networked world, there is a growing desire for the real, the authentic, the constant, the familiar and for security within our own four walls. The challenge is to return to a coexistence of all elements and to restore harmony to the chaos.

In our 2011 trend statement, this dichotomy is drawn upon and interpreted in the topics “stop” and “go” – also in its relevance for modern interior design. Süddekor presented the current trend statement in the form of emotional trailers at the Interzum fair


Often used, misunderstood, but still up-to-date: the topic of sustainability and authenticity. As omnipresent as it may be, the more present is the consumer demand for sustainable products. Superlative quality and product meaningfulness are the consumers’ primary focus. We should surround ourselves with the real and the tangible; naturalness, timeless elegance and skilful artisan artistry find their market, awakening enthusiasm among consumers. We love to withdraw into such environments, pause and take a look at what is really important.

The “Stop” décor world is home to natural structures revealing signs of their use and manufacture. These unaltered décors are supported corresponding textures. “Stop" combines various materials and highlights using playful designs. The colors in this decelerated trend world range from natural to saturated shades accompanied by a rich greige palette and romantic pastels. We are surrounded by the elegance of bygone eras with accents of coral, pistachio and patinated metals.

Examples of the stop décors are rustic oaks such as Oak Nebiolo or designs with signs of age and use, including the work surface décor “Acolon,” above.


The Süddekor “go” trend world focuses on the fast-moving, digitalized world and the lust for the new. Regained optimism and the quest for innovative solutions inspire us to come up with new ideas at breath-taking speed.

Seemingly disparate worlds – such as mythology and ancient stories within the digital age – become a surreal mix and lead to the most startling moments. In the interior, the cool, minimalist environment includes effects and sophistication, which sometimes are only noticeable at second glance in a large space.

Décor structures that comply with this are sleek, light, fresh and play with metallic or lacquer effects. And there is no shortage of colour accents: berry hues, magical blue, teal and turquoise shades with harmonising yellow and orange really catch the eye.

Reserved, yet alert in color mood, the “go” range creates balance with magical shades of blue, diverse hues of teal and ocean. Yellow and its friends in the glowing colour palette ensure attention and provide optimistic freshness.

Examples of go décors are Elm Gamaret and the striking textile décor Tissu (inset).


Students Design Clothes from Furniture Décors

For modern man, clothing is an important means of communication and showing his respective lifestyle. Consciously or not, it helps identify the character, the lifestyle and the attitude of the wearer and quite rightly plays a very special role within society. In Interzum's “Innovations of Interior” hall, Süddekor daringly made the transition from textile design to chic surface design: interiors can also be a reflection of one’s personality or personal lifestyle.  

Here, the decorative surface is given particular significance. In addition to the architecture itself, surface design provides an important and first impression of the room and lets the observer draw conclusions about the personality and lifestyle of the owner.

Bearing this in mind, Süddekor is creating a communication platform at its “ioi” stand that brings together the world of fashion and surface design.

20 students studying fashion design at the University of Reutlingen were tasked with creating fashion concepts with Süddekor materials. Under the auspices of Prof. Ehrenfried A. Hasenfuss, the students worked furiously on their mannequins, sticking, clipping and designing, creating some fabulous “haute décor” outfits in the process. With this concept, Süddekor is attempting to engage with interior designers and architects to gauge the possibilities for collaboration with regards to interiors.

To this end, Süddekor is focussing on its strengths in flexibility and design service, which it will also make available to interior designers and architects, with tailored developments outside existing, standard collections.

Students studying fashion design at the University of Reutlingen created concept clothing from Süddekor’s décor papers to make a statement at Interzum.