Material Design

Laminates and decorative surfaces begin with a design concept, interpreted and executed by décor paper printers and press plate manufacturers.

Printed Designs: Décor paper printers work with artists and designers to source raw materials (original art, wood, stone) or fantasy concepts, and adapt them to the aesthetic requirements of  the finished laminate application. They offer propietary design services, as well as catalogs of “standard” visual structures inspired by global trends that may be specified in custom colors.

Surface Texture: In recent years laminate texture design, imparted by engraved press plates, steel bands and textured release papers, has made great strides. Finished and raw wood textures rival reality, and the range of abstract and fantasy designs has created new dimensions of tactile experiences. Textures can even be engineered to align perfectly with minute details in print visuals, a technique known as in-register embossing.

Images: Schattdecor Inc., SESA Press Plates.