Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

Some TFL decorative panels carry the same type of wear layer as HPL, and can be embossed to mimic stone, wood and other materials.

Definition: TFL panels utilize a melamine-impregnated printed or solid-color décor sheet similar to that used in HPL, but instead of being laminated to layers of kraft paper it is pressed directly onto a substrate like particleboard or MDF. Under heat and pressure the melamine resin from the décor layer flows into the substrate to create a crosslinked thermoset bond, effectively creating a homogenous decorative panel without the use of adhesives.

Applications: TFL panels are popular in cabinetry, laminate flooring, and furniture and fixtures in retail, healthcare and hospitality applications offering performance second only to HPL. Mid-market office furniture producers commonly use TFL for worktops, and it has long been a favorite for kitchen cabinet and closet systems. TFL has even been used for removable decorative wall systems in commercial and retail settings. As a furniture surface, TFL panels and components require a decorative edge treatment.

Shown: Groupe Lacasse office furniture. Photo: Kenn Busch; NeoCon