Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been around for decades, most notably in bowling alleys. It offers the design flexibility of laminates with enhanced durability for commercial and residential flooring.

Definition: Laminate flooring is made by combining an engineered composite board surfaced with a decorative laminate, generally HPL or TFM. Designs include traditional and exotic woods, tile, stones and fantasy patterns. Manufacturers offer floors at different price points for everything from light residential use to commercial and retail applications.

Laminate floors are installed by edge-gluing planks or snapping together “click-and-lock edges. Advantages include ease of maintenance and cleaning, superior hygienic properties, recyclability, no need for refinishing, fast installation, and greater ergonomic comfort when padded backing materials are used.

Applications: Residential, commercial, retail (hair salons), healthcare, hospitality.

Shown: Wilsonart Commercial Flooring. Photo: Kenn Busch