Case Studies on Your Products in Use

Showing A&D specifiers how your product performs in real-life projects is the strongest kind of marketing you can do.

All content-development projects will be featured and archived on the Material Intelligence site, and can be formatted for any method of distribution desired. Stories will be tagged for searching by the type of materials and projects involved, as well as by your company name.

Costs: Fees range, depending on each project’s requirements.

  1. Basic: Gathering information through research or client-provided contact interviews and professionally editing images for web or print. $800 to $1,200, plus relevant costs.
  2. Intermediate: Add multiple interviews and professional studio or location photography. $2,000 to $3,000, plus relevant costs.
  3. Full-Service Turnkey: Add surveying your customers and distributors to track down story candidates, and providing you detailed summaries from which to select. $2,500 to $4,000, based on survey efforts involved, plus relevant costs. 

Projects like this may present an opportunity for two or more complementary value-chain suppliers to share costs. Additional administrative fees may apply.