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  • TFM and 3-D laminates in matching designs unify this home office.
  • 3-D Laminates in high gloss are a stunning point of interest in the DIRTT showroom in Chicago.
  • Süddekor

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Inspiring Exchanges and Material Solutions at HD Expo

The Materials Pavilion at HD Expo 2014 hosted hundreds of visitors, and was the scene of dozens of in-depth conversations about materials and their uses.

Many working designers learned about materials they’d never seen, and found out more about materials they thought they knew, all offering new levels of design matching and flexibility, availability, durability, and value.

In turn, the materials experts staffing the Pavilion learned more about the challenges facing hospitality designers as they work to make their projects exceptional within their clients’ budgets.

The information shared at Materials Pavilions help move both materials and interior design forward, and HD Expo was no exception.

Below please find links to more information on the exceptional materials and suppliers seen in the HD Expo Materials Pavilion.  

About the Materials Pavilion We’ve built our booth mostly of raw MDF. In a recently lifecycle inventory analysis, MDF, particleboard, and related composite panels were found to be “better than carbon neutral” – the carbon stored by the waste-wood fiber… More