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  • TFM and 3-D laminates in matching designs unify this home office.
  • 3-D Laminates in high gloss are a stunning point of interest in the DIRTT showroom in Chicago.
  • Süddekor

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The Latest Material Intelligence for Hospitality Design

Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality interiors are often critical, high-use installations that require materials that are highly durable and budget-friendly without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

At the Material Intelligence Pop-Up Resource Library we featured the latest materials from several different suppliers, along with materials experts in several categories who answered detailed questions from designers.

Several visitors looking for new ideas for current projects found solutions, and many more were inspired to explore new materials that will help make future projects cleaner, greener and more budget friendly.  

Below, a review of  the material solutions found there:

BTD Wood Powder Coating t.fusion™ powder coated wood components from BTD Wood Powder Coating provide the look and feel of painted surfaces at a lower cost and greater durability.  Specify a seamless finish that avoids the delamination and chipping drawbacks… More